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Receive custom time cards in three weeks

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Pay the same price per card forever. No minimum orders required.

Custom Time Card Badges

At inbadge, llc we design, develop, and test our own in-house time clock swipe badges.

Most vendors charge between $3.50–$5.00 per card.
At inbadge, our badges cost as little as $1.00 per card.

There are no software changes. You simply buy your cards from us instead of your time clock vendor.
One of our greatest benefits is we provide a custom reorder link so each of your properties can order cards as needed by going to a unique web page.

Custom Card Benefits

Company Logo

Display your own company logo on all cards for a professional look.

Reorder Link

Let each of your locations order their own badges as needed. We handle all inventory and shipping.

Personalized Text

Include instructions, time clock links, or other important information.

Custom Encoding

Select from a list of our current integrations or we can customize to meet your time clock vendor specs.



    500 Cards     $1.50 ea.
  1000 Cards     $1.25 ea.
2000+ Cards     $1.00 ea.


Includes custom re-order link
Pay the same amount for every reorder
(no minimums)

Lock in your price today

Pay the same price per card forever.
Re-Order Page
inbadge Custom Card Example
Sample Custom Card with Logo
inbadge custom cards back barcode
Custom Card Text

Custom Badge Process

(link below)

1. Let us your know your time clock vendor
2. Review form fields & badge design
3. Review custom card design and quote
4. Manufacturing & Delivery (allow 2-3 weeks)
5. Share reorder link with each of your locations