30 Badge Giveaway – Aug. 2017

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Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Terms & Conditions

Promotion Overview

As a special promotion to launch our newly redesigned website, we have decide to hold a random drawing for 30 free badges.

Entry Requirements and Dates

Promotion will run from 8/25/2017 through 12/1/2017.

As part of the promotion, users will be required to enter the time clock software, badge type, and clock model currently in use.  Entries for in-house or unknown time clock software will not be eligible as we will not be able to provide badges that work with these systems.  Entries will be accepted that include white-labeled or re-branded software names.

When signing up for this promotion, users email will be added to our newsletter.

Limitations and other rules

Entries received prior to 8/25/2017 or after 12/1/2017 will be ineligible to participate in the drawing.

If the badge type requested is unavailable at time of drawing, the winner will be asked if they would prefer a different badge or accessory currently in inventory.  Winner will also have the option of receiving a promotional code valued at $45.00 which can be during the checkout process at a later date.

If winner is unable to be contacted within 30 days of drawing, the prize will become ineligible for redemption.  At this time, inbadge will have the option of exercising a second random draw to determine a new winner.

Any questions on the requirements or limitations of this drawing can be sent to